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New Microphones for Sanctuary

Total Cost


The main push behind this upgrade is that we currently have 3 separate brands of microphones ranging at different frequencies. Which may cause issues with crosstalk or interference between the microphones or drops/disconnects in microphones.

With this upgrade we can have all of our wireless microphones on the same brand and on different frequencies to eliminate any issues that we may run into. This upgrade also allows for up to 10 vocals to be mic'd wirelessly. As well as give have a hands-free lapel for our Pastor and 1 other person.

Wireless Mics

$599 x 7

This will give us 7 new microphones. 6 Vocals and 1 handheld speaking microphone.

With this new setup we will expand our vocals for up to 10 wireless vocal microphones!

In 2019 - we had 4 vocal mics

In 2020 - we now have 8 vocal mics + wired mic for singers

Lapel Mics

$449 x 2

This will give us 2 lapel microphones that we can use at anytime. For an example, 1 for Pastor and 1 for Pastor's wife or special guest. Having this extra microphone will allow us to expand for up to 3 speaking microphones.